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Montemarcello - La Spezia
90 m2

An exclusive home in the heart of the Gulf of Poets

Welcome to the Claudia Lodge in Montemarcello. A whole area of 3,000 square meters between dwelling and natural park, where you can fully enjoy your vacation in total relaxation. From the landscape the poem always draws inspiration, a continuous translation of landscape into man and heart into landscape. We are in the incredible scenery of the Gulf of Poets…

Like a high terrace

On the countries fanning out around

But here a micro-world

Thick with low walls, disused fields

Based on a poem by Paolo Bertolani

Claudia Lodge Is named after the person who longed for it. Desires, which in this place are integrated with beauty, the wonder of nature, the vastness of the sea …., never end because they belong to all of us. We are happy to have brought Claudia Lodge to life, and we hope that the same happiness will rub off on you.

Mary Rose & Andrew


Our spaces

Comfortable spaces designed to provide maximum comfort





What you will find


Fast wifi throughout the villa

Terraces & Garden

Furnished terraces with sea views and 3,000 m2 of private fenced garden


Private pool, night lighting, sunbathing area with sunbed and deck chairs, umbrella and outdoor shower.


Home appliances

Fridge, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, oven, microwave, wine cellar and more


Public parking a few meters from the villa


All the most modern amenities are included

the gulf of poets

Within walking distance

Varied and wide-ranging are the opportunities for recreation by being based in Montemarcello, from beaches to boat trips, Cinque Terre, cultural sites, food and wine tours, and hiking and biking. We bring you some suggestions but perhaps the best advice is to experience the serenity and freshness of the lodge and only go out if you feel like it!

The Sea

For those who wish to frequent the traditional beach areas with a sunbed and umbrella, there are two options: toward the Versilia coastline with wide sandy beaches with access to equipped baths, or toward the Gulf of Poets with exclusive and collected coves, such as the baths of Lerici, Tellaro, and San Terenzio.

The Cinque Terre

Unmissable, they can be reached in various ways: by car/motorbike in less than an hour, by train (recommended mode) departing from La Spezia or Sarzana , by boat from Lerici with a day trip, or for sportsmen directly by bicycle/e-bike from Montemarcello.

Culture and Food

There are countless opportunities for cultural enrichment: The museums of La Spezia, the archaeological zone of Luni, the castle of Fosdinovo that hosted Dante Alighieri, the city of Sarzana, Portovenere, Lucca, and lastly Pisa, all of which can be visited in less than an hour. Not to be overlooked is the military archaeology; the area has been the site over the ages of various war episodes, including the General Chiodo Battery right in Montemarcello, listed by the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) as one of the Italian heritage heartlands.

The area offers ample availability of trattorias, typical Ligurian and Tuscan eateries, pizzerias, with regional food from the area and excellent wines such as Vermentino di Luni, with wine cellars and oil farms to visit.

The Neighborhoods

Within walking distance, from the lodge you can reach the center of Montemarcello, which is definitely worth a visit for its narrow streets, special atmosphere, some small shopping but also to enjoy a breakfast in the morning or an aperitif at sunset. Don’t miss the panoramic area by the sea with spectacular views, perhaps even arranging an apericena at the Relais Golfo dei Poeti, an experience not to be missed.

From the lodge itself, the CAI 433 trail leads toward Lerici, or the trail to Punta Corvo, the beach of Montemarcello, which can be reached in 20 minutes downhill and 30 minutes uphill back. The beach is also served with boat service in tourist season directly from Bocca di Magra.

Sports Activity

Sportsmen and women find cycling and hiking many possibilities. A variety of routes can be built with road/touring bikes either in the direction of La Spezia, or in the direction of Versilia, or in the direction of Lunigiana with moderate to high elevation gains. There are also many solutions with mountain bikes, on technical and natural trails, also the subject of Downhill or enduro competitions.

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